Color Slider

This game is used for Weeks 24 and 25 in The Memory Drawing Course Book. It helps you make the most of every glance.

The goal of this game is to remember a target color (or hue) that will be shown to you next to a control color. The control is present in order to give the target color some context. The white of the lesson’s background can also give you context. Note that you might need to resize your browser’s window in order to see the entire game on the screen at once.

Match the Color Game Directions

The mechanics of the game are like the Value Slider game you’ve played before. The first two buttons are simple timers. When you select either of them, three things happen:

  1. The color of the control square will change to a random color.
  2. A randomly colored target square will appear.
  3. A timer will begin counting down the number of seconds indicated by the selected button.

Your task is then to memorize the color of the target square during that viewing period.

After the timer’s duration ends the target square will disappear and a range slider will appear. At that point you would use the slider to attempt to match the memorized target color. Note that reds on either end of the slider appear similar to each other. They are different, but your monitor may not be able to display those differences very well.

When you think your attempt is correct, click Check. The game will then show you a section of the target above your attempt and give you a percentage indication of how close your guess was.

The remaining two buttons are similar to the first two except that they include a wait period duration after the viewing period. During the wait period:

  • The target square disappears.
  • The wait period timer begins counting down.

After the wait period timer finishes, a range slider appears and you can make your attempt.