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Are you looking to take your drawing skills to the next level?

Look no further than The Memory Drawing Course Book.

The Memory Drawing Course Book

The Memory Drawing Course Book is a game-changing guide that takes you though 6 months of memory drawing practice. A must-have for artists of all levels, it will help you enhance your drawing abilities and unlock your full potential as an artist.

What is Memory Drawing? Memory drawing practice is a complementary skill that supports and enhances your regular drawing training. It helps you make the most of every glance.

Memory Drawing Course Book-Stacked Cover

The Memory Drawing Course Book is both practical and insightful. It provides you with clear and actionable exercises that can be easily integrated into your daily drawing practice. Each exercise builds progressively upon the last, allowing you to work at your own pace.

What Students Are Saying


The art of drawing, as Mr. Rousar teaches us, requires not only technical skill but also a keen eye for observation and a sharp mind for recall. That's what Memory drawing practice is all about. -C. Jensen

Darren's approach is both accessible and practical. The book is filled with dozens of useful exercises and insights that are sure to benefit any aspiring artist. Overall, The Memory Drawing Course Book is an excellent resource for artists looking to improve their drawing skills. I highly recommend it. -M. Seelen

He provides numerous exercises and strategies that helped me develop my perceptual skills, which in turn enhanced my ability to draw from life. -L. Bruce

Memory drawing is an essential skill for any artist who seeks to create realistic and accurate drawings when working from life, both in the studio and on location in the field.

You already have some ability to remember what you see, but it needs training. That training is what you'll get by following the exercises in The Memory Drawing Course Book.

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Memory Drawing: Perceptual Training and Recall here.