Memory Drawing Prompt 51

Article by Darren Rousar.

This is the fifty-first prompt in the Memory Drawing Prompt series. If you don’t know what that means, give this article a read first.

This week’s Memory Drawing Prompt image is something from real life that you’ll create on your own. Ideally it would be a simple still life setup containing a coffee cup or two. Whatever you choose, keep it simple. And by simple, I mean in content, arrangement, and lighting. Two plain, white cups on a uniform background, lit by a single light source would be perfect.

You can use pencil, charcoal, or pen for this week’s Prompts. You can also use the same paper as you did for the previous Prompts: cut or ruled into 3″ x 4 3/4″ rectangles (one rectangle per attempt).

Along with the fact that your source is a real life scene, another difference this week is how the timer works. You will see only one button below (‘Start’), and the timer is set for 45 seconds. This timer also has sound. So, once you click ‘Start’ a beep will sound. It also sounds when the countdown completes. This way you can keep your attention on your memory subject without having to also watch the clock.

Of course you’ll need audio capabilities and the volume up on your device.

The process is similar to that for the other Prompts:

  1. Start the timer.
  2. Direct your attention to your source.
  3. Close one eye to flatten your view of the scene.
  4. Pay attention to the overall outline first.
  5. Then observe how the shadow pattern interacts with the outline.
  6. When the beep sounds, turn away from the source and commence drawing from your memory.
  7. Take a long as necessary to do your memory drawing, but do not take a peek at your source.
  8. Checking your results is simply a matter of comparing your drawing to the scene.

On the following days, feel free to use the same setup or reposition the objects and/or lighting.

Be sure to have your audio on and its volume audible.
If you’re ready, let’s begin.

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